XVM Install Help

Installing and configuring XVM

To start, you need to download my current Tank XVM version found on the Home Page.
Install and configure a basic version XVM

To install the XVM simply unzip the downloaded archive and place the files in the folder with the game World of Tanks.

Will end up with the following way:res_mods / <game-version> / gui / Flash / *. SWF, where the asterisk * denotes the names of SWF-files from the archive versions, and <game version> - number of the current version of the client World of Tanks.

Modification is installed and ready for use.

To customize modify the following options:

  1. You can use ready-made example of the configuration of the active users fashion.The configuration data are published and updated in a special section of the forum support, "XVM Configurations".
  2. you can use the online configuration editor and manually adjust all elements of your choice.

The configuration file should be placed in the same directory where the main SWF-files modification.The final configuration file path should be:

res_mods / <version> / gui / flash / XVM.xvmconf

The configuration of the base version of XVM completed.You can start the game or move to the statistics module.

Setting the statistics module (xvm-stat.exe)  <<<<download current version 

Setting the Statistics module is as easy as installing the base version XVM.However, for the statistics module must be met additional requirements:

  1. You must have the latest version of World of Tanks, is installed on the file system NTFS.
  2. Your system must be installed with Microsoft. NET Framewok 03/05 (namely 3.5, not 4 +).
  3. Your system must have Dokan library (download, install, restart your PC).

After verification of the system requirements and install the missing libraries, you can go directly to the module is installed.To install simply unzip the downloaded archive xvm-stat and place the files in the folder World of Tanks main folder.

As a result, the two files must be located in the root folder of the game, along with WorldOfTanks.exe:


After installing the game statistics should be run through the xvm-stat.exe.For convenience, you can create a shortcut to the Quick Launch.If in this case you want to run the game through the launcher (updater), then:

  1. Create a shortcut to the file «xvm-stat.exe»
  2. Open the "Properties shortcut"
  3. In the "Object" write «xvm-stat.exe / launcher» (without the quotes)
  4. Apply saved changes.

If you still have questions, contact the Support Forum XVM.

Video Located below To help With Install

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